Dani Diamond’s images are immediately identifiable by millions across the globe, but what does it take to get your images there as well? Dani invites you to join him in not only learning how his stunning images are created, but more importantly “the why” of each step of the process. When you leave this experience you will have the ability to create stunning images in a variety of situations.

Dani’s techniques in this intimate learning environment will prepare you to plunge into the world of professional photography regardless of where you currently are in your photography journey. Dani’s minimalist approach to his craft means that when you are finished learning, you will not need to go out and purchase the industries most expensive products, you will be ready to step out and create immediately with what you have.

Workshops are offered in two packages. The first is the full two day experiences, which includes learning Dani’s shooting methods on day one and on day two Dani goes through his famous retouching. The other package means choosing one day whether you want to focus solely on learning how to shoot or edit photos.

Standard Workshop Schedule: On day one you will begin in the morning learning, hearing and discussing Dani’s thoughts on composing the perfect image. He goes through the different things that make up each of his images and more importantly what is going on in the mind of this creative genius. His talk is a minimal discussion of camera settings, which change from frame to frame, but instead he concentrates the thought process needed to see the light and find the shot.

After lunch on day one, it’s time to put into practice what was learned during the morning session. Participants will get outside of the classroom, and under Dani’s watchful eye, begin shooting and capturing portfolio-building images.

We reconvene on day two, with computers in hand, to start learning Dani’s now famous retouching process. You will begin this journey by watching Dani retouch one of his previous from day one. While watching, Dani will explain the thought process behind his method and take questions. Next everyone will participate in the image ‘culling’ process. As a class, we will look over images from the shoot, discuss what you should look for in selecting images, select an image and go through the editing process, step by step, with the selected image.

Equipment: camera, lenses (Dani’s go to lenses are the 50mm and the 85mm, but feel free to bring different lenses), memory cards, battery chargers, laptop or desktop, tablets (helpful, but not required). Notes will be provided but you may want to bring a writing utensil.

Payment: 50% of the workshop fee is required upon booking. You are free to pay in full. Your investment will include a small lunch and refreshments.

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NOV 4 & 5

This will be my very first and long time awaiting children’s workshop! We’ve put a deposit down on one the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen as our location and we’re pairing it with gorgeous children models! This is a once in a life time opportunity for everyone attending, myself included!  Take a look at this location!

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DEC 17-18


Are you or your photography group are interested in a workshop and you want to invite me? just send me a request.

Your Benefits


The knowledge imparted from Dani during these intensive workshops will have an immediate impact on your workflow. Dani’s direct and streamlined approach to editing is not just a series of shortcuts, Dani is giving the participant an understanding of the “why” not just the “how” to his world famous editing and photo capturing techniques. Dani Diamond is a true educator, not just a teacher.


Each workshop attendee will leave the experience with Dani Diamond’s exclusive photoshop action ($150 value). While not a “single button, complete edit” action it is a synched series of all the steps Dani uses to create each of his amazing images. This step by step workflow took Dani years of research and hours of time to create. He has consolidated the “best of YouTube” into the techniques that actually work and discarded those which promise, but do not deliver.


Each participant leaves a Dani Diamond workshop with a reference guide to his exclusive techniques. A step by step process to his workflow. This reference sheet can be used by those newly exposed to his teachings to help push your learning and jog memories to the finer points of post processing using the Diamond Method.


How much time does your average edit take now? Dani’s average edits take 20 minutes to produce. While you might doubt your ability to reproduce such results, his world class teaching methods show participants how much they have been “over working” in their current workflow.  Dani instructs students on methods for results in a down to earth, easy to understand manner.


Dani edits to music and dancing, his teaching methods are no less fun and interactive! He will show participants a “full speed” edit during each workshop, almost always including music and laughter!


To further your learning and to motivate you to succeed, upon finishing a workshop with Dani Diamond, you will be invited to join a private Facebook Group, just for those who have taken workshops before you. Past participants and Dani himself will continually provide feedback, answer questions and offer support as you progress along your journey!